Is a Cavapoo a good breed for you?  

Find Your Best Friend 

Cavapoos first originated from the united states, also called Cavadoodle and the “hybrid” (the crossing of two breeds). They have become the latest designer dog to hit britain, with their charm and popular low shedding coat.  
Their appearance takes on the Cavaliers stance and the poodles coat brings the wavy “shaggy” look and typically long droopy ears, they almost are crossed with a toy or miniature poodle, here at Blackberry Pups we always cross Cavalier to Toy Poodle, the average size of a Cavapoo is around 10″ floor to neck. 
Will a Cavapoo suit you? 
This is mine and Steve’s favourite cross, as they are small and easy to fit in with most families, from toddlers to teenagers. Their personality is very endearing and they will be happy to make friends with any visitor cat or dog in your home. They require little exercise a nice enclosed garden, is suitable or a brisk daily walk is sufficient. 
Cavapoo Facts: 
The cavapoo is an intelligent dog, the poodle is the 2nd most intelligent dog in the world, they are curious and easy to train, one of my new dog owners told me her new puppy was house trained within 6 weeks! 
The Cavapoo does thrive on human company, but can be left for short periods of time. 
Healthwise the Cavapoo is very healthy as we first cross Cavalier to Poodle also called F1 the 50/50 split in the DNA is the healthiest. 
The Cavapoo is not recognized by the Kennel Club even though their parents are purebred. 
Grooming of the Cavapoo should be a daily groom with a trip to grooming parlour every three months. Attention should be focused on ears teeth and nails. 
How do you Identify a Cavapoo? They have a Cocker Spaniel type appearance around the nose. 
Here at Blackberry Pups we only cross with a Toy Poodle as we feel it’s the fairest way for the mum to be. 
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