Helen and Eden.-west London
My daughter and I found Blackberry Pups after a lot of research into Cavapoo Breeders. Dawn and her husband Steve were happy to have a video call so we could meet the pups and see both parents before choosing our puppy,the beautiful Cookie. We only had to wait 2 weeks before we could collect her and in that time we were kept informed on her progress and any questions we had were always answered.
On the day we collected Cookie, we were given a goody bag for her as well as all of the important paperwork.
Cookie is now 6 months (we got her at 8 weeks), and she brings us so much joy. It's not always been easy, puppies are hard work, but with the right (professional) training and lots of patience, love and attention, we are being rewarded now. She is so much fun and can be very entertaining,she certainly has her own special personality!!
We are so grateful to Blackberry pups for all of the help they have given us , especially in the first few weeks we had Cookie. We cannot recommend them highly enough.
Helen and Eden

Val- West Sussex
After a two year period of endlessly looking on the internet and even asking strangers in the streets “Where did you get your puppy “ ? I thought I was never going to find my longed for puppy so I decided to look further afield and miraculously I found Dawn and Steve . I just couldn’t believe my luck as they had just had a litter of cavapoos and there was a red male, which I had been searching for so we arranged a FaceTime call and I met Henry for the first time , over the weeks Dawn kept me updated with Henrys progress and regularly sent me pictures so I could see how much he had grown , l absolutely loved receiving those latest pictures of my little boy . So the big Day arrived and myself and some other family members traveled from west Suffolk to Norfolk to finally meet Henry .Dawn and Steve welcomed us and gave us a puppy pack which included his parents certificates, vaccination card , vet check paperwork, 4 weeks insurance and chip details to register. They also gave us a little blanket with his mums smell on it to help him settle in his new home and a comfort cushion which I call his hot water bottle as it goes in the microwave for a few seconds. Henry still sleeps with the blanket and the cushion every night after a few little moans on the very first night he has slept through the night ever since. He is now 7 months old and is such a happy bouncy cute ,contented , adorable and lovable little boy who loves to cuddle up on my lap . I can’t thank Dawn and Steve enough as they obviously gave him the best possible start any puppy could possibly ask for and are wholeheartedly dedicated top class breeders with years of experience and I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to any future puppy owners that want the best. Thank you Dawn and Steve for making my dreams come true.
Peter and Lynn Halford-Cambridge

Bertie is our beautiful little Cavapoo and we are so pleased that we found Dawn and Steve who have looked after every detail of his breeding and first eight weeks.

When we visited to view the puppies before choosing we also met mum Lula and dad Ted who are both beautiful examples of their breeds.

All the puppies were lovely so the choice was difficult but we are completely sure that we made the right one in choosing Bertie.

It was obvious from the start that he had been brought up very well and the advice Dawn gave us was invaluable in making the transfer to our care easy. He sleeps well through the night and goes outside to the toilet with very few ‘accidents’ indoors. He is very outgoing and confident with other people.

The bag of goodies Dawn provided included food for the first few of days, suitable toys, a blanket, a brush and comb and a comforting microwaveable warm cushion. There was also some shampoo.

All of the paperwork was in order and Dawn had even bathed Bertie just before we collected him.

He has settled in to our household and is proving a great hit with our grandchildren.

So it is thank you to Dawn and Steve for providing our lovely little companion for years to come.

Caroline and Dean - Andover Hampshire
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Dear Dawn and Steve

We wanted to write a few words after picking up our new Toy Caverpoo in May 2021.

As you know, we were given lots of breeders names who I’m sure are fantastic but we researched BlackBerry Pups after hours and hours of ducking and diving on the internet and googling your company and just knew there and then that we wanted to wait for available puppies from you both and told you a year ago we were going nowhere so you’ve got us until we were informed of some available and we had our little pup in our own home.

After a nearly 8 hour all round journey, we got our little man home and he’s just been amazing from day one.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s been a shock to the system, it’s been full on but nothing anyone cannot handle and he’s bought a great deal of enjoyment to the family.

The advice pre and post pick up has been second to none, the endless questions we threw your way and the friendly manner in which our questions were answers were simply what you would expect. You can tell he’s been brought up in a loving and caring home as his mannerisms are superb.

Our overall opinion is as follows:


Thank you from all of us here in Hampshire and our little man is now a huge part of our little family thanks to you both

Much love x x
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After 5 years of asking we finally gave in to our daughter's requests to get a dog. We spent months researching breeds and we decided a Cavapoo would the perfect family dog.
We searched the internet and came across various breeders many of whom were local to us but, Blackberry Pups stood out and we were prepared to travel for the right pup. We read great reviews and after chatting to Dawn we were confident we had found the right breeder.
When my husband went to visit, both of the puppies parents could be seen, and it was clear to see the puppies were well looked after in a family environment. Once we had picked Ralph, Dawn sent us regular pictures of Ralph (which we still love looking at!)
Ralph is a complete joy; he is now 6 years old. He has had no health problems, he was easy to train, loves long walks, cuddles and has a lovely nature. The perfect family dog we were hoping for.
Last year we decided that it would be nice for Ralph to have a companion so, we went straight back to Dawn and Steve, and Poppy came home with us in April 2020. Because of the pandemic we were unable to visit but we had zoom calls with Poppy and provided any updates and information that we asked for. Dawn and Steve made the whole process seamless.
Thank you so much for our bundles of joy, I have been asked so many times where we got our dogs from and I can’t recommend Blackberry Pup highly enough.
Jo Hunt-Ipswich
Emma and Jamie - St Albans

We were thinking of getting a dog and I asked around for recommendations and the names Blackberry Pups came up a few times. I investigated and put our names down for a cavapoo litter. Dawn sent pictures shortly after they were born and we came and met the gorgeous litter of puppies a few weeks later. She sent us updates and more pictures as the weeks went on. Our sweet cavapoo Alfie is now just over a year old and we could not imagine our house without him. I had not had dogs growing up and Dawn was super helpful in answering questions and when we picked him up, gave us all sorts of information (as well as an adorable heat pad to comfort him at night, plus a blanket).

Dawn and Steve clearly know what they are doing and give their puppies the best start in life. Alfie was used to children and well as animals and is very easy going (although lockdown seems to have given him high expectations of people being around and available at his every whim!)

Incidentally, speaking to a friend at work, she was smitten by his picture and her brother was introduced to Blackberry pups and had a Blackberry puppy of his own. I understand that she is imminently to take home her own puppy too (and is very grateful for the introduction).

Alfie has the loveliest nature and we simply could not imagine life without him. He is part of the family – thank you so much Dawn and Steve for bringing Alfie into our lives!

Karla Rock -New Waltham NE Lincs .
After wanting a cavapoo for a few years I finally managed to persuade my husband into letting me have one. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't great due to the coronavirus outbreak and the huge increase in puppy scamming. I was devastated after having my heart set on one to find out it was a scam. I then found Blackberry Pups. I was very wary to begin with due to being scammed previously, but after a few messages and a phone call to Dawn and Steve, they really helped to put my mind at ease that they were genuine people who really cared for the pups they were bringing up. They had just 1 little boy remaining and offered me a facetime call to meet him. I was also able to see Mum and Dad. I instantly fell in love and knew he was perfect for us. With just a week until he was able to leave, Dawn gave us every bit of information we could possibly need to ensure we were ready for him (we are first time puppy owners) and sent us photos to show our children.

The day finally arrived for us to collect our baby Fergie. It was great to meet Dawn and Steve who had him all ready for us with a huge bag of supplies and lots of lovely treats for us to bring away with him. It was great to see how well he had been cared for and that Dawn and Steve clearly wanted his new start to be the best it could be with all the advice and gifts they gave to us to settle him. Fergie has been an absolute angel from the day we got him. We used bells to toilet train him and he was able to do this himself after just 2 days, he really is so clever. He's only had 3 accidents in the house since we brought him home (he's now 22 weeks) and he sleeps through the night. He initially slept in a crate, but due to him being so good we decided to risk it without. I'm delighted to say, now 6 weeks into having no crate, he hasn't chewed a single thing, at night or if he is left alone during the day. He is brilliant with our 3 boys. He loves to play, but also loves a snuggle. He stops people everywhere we go for his gorgeous looks and amazing nature. We travelled 3 hours to collect Fergie, but whenever we are asked, we highly recommend Blackberry Pups for anybody looking for a new baby, it is definitely worth travelling for. He really is the best dog ever (even my husband would say this now after not really wanting a dog for the last few years) and there is only one reason for this, the amazing start he was given with Dawn and Steve.

Thank you so much for making our family complete!
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Sarah and Andy Garner- Heighington Lincolnshire

We had been looking for a Cavapoo puppy for a long time and were very cautious about finding the right breeder due to the huge increase in demand and the number of puppy scams. I spoke to a few home breeders but they were not experienced and you could tell they were just doing it for the money. I then came across Blackberry pups and after speaking to Dawn on the phone, I just knew that we were in safe hands and felt we had finally found a lovely and very experienced breeder. We had a FaceTime call to meet Daisy when she was just one week old and then Dawn sent us regular pictures every week so we could see how much she was changing and growing. Dawn and Steve then said we could visit her face to face at 4 weeks old- We were all so excited! It was great to meet Daisy and have a good chat with Dawn and Steve who are clearly passionate and brilliant at what they do. We finally got to pick Daisy up at 8 weeks and were given a pack with all her parents health certificates, vet check and vaccination card, 4 weeks pet insurance which is brilliant and lots of other lovely generous gifts to help us get started. Daisy is absolutely adorable and has settled in amazingly. She has slept through the night until 7am with no accidents! And she is already well on the way with toilet training. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her and this is all down to the wonderful start that Dawn and Steve have given her.

We can’t wait to watch her grow and start to take her on lovely walks. I will be recommending Blackberry pups to all my friends and family and thank you Dawn and Steve for making our family complete- we are over the moon!

Many thanks

Melanie and Andrew Lord -Warwickshire
Thank you ever so much to Dawn and Steve for our lovely, gorgeous and full of character toy cockapoo puppy born on 24/03/20! It’s amazing just how much he has changed our lives for the better and filled a gap in our lives we didn’t even realise we had! We got him just after lockdown and he is now 6 months old!!!

The whole process of choosing a puppy was smooth from start to finish. Unfortunately we had to choose him over facetime because of the restrictions in place, but this was made so easy and we were able to see both mum and dad with the pups via video call. Dawn and Steve answered all the questions that we had and then we had the long long wait! This was made much easier by the regular weekly update pictures which were so cute and added to our excitement !!!

The day arrived when we were due to collect him! It was so exciting! We made the 3 hour trip and boy was it worth it! We were greeted by Dawn and Steve and they had their own little dogs and cats wandering around. We were given all the paperwork, signed a contract and were given a bag full of food, blanket and toys.

Ollie slept pretty much the whole way home and has loved the car ever since!
He came to us well socialised and nothing has ever scared him- not even the hoover!!! He absolutely loves other dogs! From day one, he has loved his crate and has been very easy to toilet train. He has never had any toilet accidents in his crate over night and has slept through the night from the start! We can only put all of this down to how much Dawn and Steve put their time and love into caring for all of their puppies when they are young.

Thank you Dawn and Steve for our bundle of fluff! Would recommend you (and have done) to everyone who asks where we got him from!

Mel and Andrew

Sam and John from Dundee Scotland

We had been looking for the right Cavapoo for almost a year and it was actually by chance I came across Blackberry pups on my search in early June 2020, I got in touch with Dawn and Steve and it just so happened that they had a Cavapoo boy looking for a home!!! It was perfect timing! After an initial call to get more information and to get to know each other, John and I felt very comfortable about Dawn and Steve, and hopefully, they felt good about us too, as aware there where other people very interested in the puppy too. Well, after another few calls Dawn agreed that John and I could have the puppy who is now called Fredy Miller.

The process was very easy with Dawn and Steve as we had regular contact and update pictures due to Covid-19 and the large distance between us (we live in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, Scotland) we couldn't visit Fredy face to face before picking him up but we did have facetime sessions to see Fredy with his brothers and sisters as well as his parents. On the day of pick up, we arrived at 9am sharp ready to start our new life with Fredy. Dawn had him ready with his little goody bag of treats, toys, pads, and many more items which were great and of course a supply of his food. Our long journey of 400miles started and Fredy mainly slept the whole way and was brilliant in the car. I sat with him in the back to comfort him but he looked so chilled out the whole time it was amazing for such a young little puppy!

Dawn was also very patient with my weekly questions leading up to us picking Fredy up, she provided insight and guidance when required. I had contact with many breeders in the process of searching for Fredy and to be very honest a lot of which were not so helpful at all, Dawn and Steve have a clear passion for their business and treat every pup as a member of their family which has given Fredy a really great foundation in life.

Fredy has slept in his crate every night since coming home, he loves his bed! He is on a raw diet and eats what he is given, as cavapoos are notoriously fussy eaters we wanted to make sure he was given a diet that he looked forward to eating each mealtime and so far that has been the case largely. Fredy is the most loving puppy, makes us laugh every day, and has filled our lives with joy. Everyone loves Fredy and he is just so cute you just want to cuddle him all the time!

Fredy has been with us now for almost 11 weeks and he has made himself at home and seems very comfortable in his forever home, he is attending weekly puppy playgroups and 1-2-1 puppy training to give him the best start we can provide. He is 99% house trained as we have not had an accident in the house for weeks now so that is great. He is intelligent and naughty but its hard to be angry with him, so we just smile!

I have already recommended Blackberry pups to friends and would not hesitate to say if you want a cavapoo you are in the best hands with Dawn and Steve who are clearly passionate about their Dogs.

Sam, John and Fredy.

Emma and Rhonda. stanstead Essex

We had been thinking about getting a puppy for a while and whilst in lockdown, devoted time to make our dream come true.
We were extremely lucky to come across Dawn and Steve who advertised that a new litter of pups had become available. We fell in love with a puppy that was only one day old and after video calling, purchased our adorable little girl Cavapoo, who we named Nala. Dawn sent photos regularly of our little girl and we had updates on her progress through the enduring wait.
It was an exceptionally long wait to meet Nala but after 8 weeks, we finally picked her up and brought her home. We were provided with certificates of proof of pedigree and health documents along with food, blanket and toy.
From the moment we met Nala for the first time, Emma and I knew that this little bundle of fluff was going to provide us with lots of entertainment and joy. Nala is an absolute poppet who settled very quickly into routines - sleeping in a crate from day ​​​​​​​one and only had very few accidents in the house from the beginning and at 13 weeks, has not had any mishaps for the last 2 weeks.
Wherever we take Nala, all passers by are taken with her. She is extremely sociable and loves to have any stranger show her some attention. We must have had at least 100 people enquire about Nala and where she came from on our first holiday away with her to Cornwall. She certainly is the star of the show and is very intelligent. Already she can follow lots of commands and loves nothing better than to be around us and our teenage children.
Dawn and Steve certainly are devoted breeders with so much knowledge to share and we would unreservedly recommend - as we already have done- Buying a Cavapoo from these excellent and professional pet enthusiasts.
Thank you Dawn and Steve, we would not be able to imagine our life without Nala in it now

Rhonda and Emma August 2020
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Keith and Jill Crawford

After thinking long and hard for a couple of years about getting a puppy we finally have our beautiful Cavapoo, Maddie. We were looking for a Cockapoo and had not really heard of a Cavapoo until we met a couple with one and we fell in love with her. They were very helpful recommending Blackberry Pups to us.

We made contact with Dawn & Steve who answered all our questions and concerns and Maddie was born on 21st October 2019. We went to view the litter when she was a few weeks old to choose one, what a job that was, they were all so gorgeous. We saw Maddie with her Mum and then we were introduced to her dad. Dawn kept us up to date with photos until we picked her up.

We bought Maddie home on 21st December were we mad?!! We were given full history of mum and dad Maddie had been fully vaccinated and micro chipped. she came home with a blanket smelling of her siblings and a couple of toys. Oh my goodness what a joy she is. We fully expected a disturbed first night but she only wimpered once and has never been a problem at night. She was also toilet trained in 6 weeks tapping on the cat flat to be let out! We did crate train her but there is no longer a need for this.

Maddie has her own fan club in our town (and growing weekly) making walks very long as she has to say hello to everyone. For anyone concerned if they have a cat which we do, a rescue called Dave who we have had for 12 years there have been no problems at all, Maddie absolutely adores him and Dave to be fair has accepted her very well, such that we leave them together at night.

For anyone considering a puppy for the first time we cannot recommend Cavapoos or Dawn & Steve enough you will not regret your decision.

Hope this is ok with you and hope you are both well.

Best wishes
Keith & Jill

Connie and Jonathan James Central London
BlackBerry pups are wonderful.
Dawn and Steve are so kind and thoughtful.
The experience from start to finish was so easy, and we have a lovely, happy bundle of joy called Pete who is just the best lad.
After going on the waiting list Dawn answered all my questions without fuss and we knew we were in safe hands.
After the birth we had regular picture updates and again all our questions/worries were answered quickly and with plenty of experienced reassurance.
At the four week mark we were due to meet the litter, along with Mum and Dad, but thanks to the lockdown we had to do this over FaceTime.
Again Dawn and Steve made this super easy and we saw the whole family together, it was delightful!
The collection day arrived and it couldn’t have gone smoother.
We finally met Dawn and Steve in person!
They had prepared a fantastic puppy pack with some really thoughtful and practical touches (Dawn, he loves his cushion and sleeps with it every night!).
He was vaccinated, microchipped and we had all the relevant paperwork on him and his parents.
Crucially Pete has spent his first 8 weeks in an lovely countryside environment with other dogs, cats and humans.
He was happily eating the right food, he was very socialised and not at all disturbed by noises or strangers.
He’s a super friendly pup who just wants to say hi to everyone.
We couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blackberry Pups to anyone.
Thank you Dawn and Steve, you’ve been fantastic!

J, Connie and Pete!
Susan Hickford- March Cambridgeshire
we collected Arlo our gorgeous toy Cockapoo on the 19 th October 2019 at 8 weeks old . Having never owned a dog before we were very unsure what we were doing. We were given lots of helpful guidance from Steve and Dawn and reassurance that they would be their if we needed any help. He was microchipped, vaccinated and came with his family tree and lots of puppy essentials. Arlo settled very quickly and as a new puppy owners followed the advice given by Dawnand Steve . Arlo slept all night in his crate in our kitchen , only his first night he was a little unsure but settled well and sleeps there still.
He enjoys his raw food and have never had any problems with him eating although he could always eat more !! Arlo picked up on toilet training very quickly and it took less than 6 weeks to loose the puppy pads.He is admired and loved by everyone he meets and is very sociable with hoomans and other doggy friends and loves going to local cockapoomeet up monthly where he can play chase and runs around. He enjoys lots of cuddles and is really loving. , smothering us in kisses.
For first time doggy owners we couldn’t be more pleased for Arlo to have chosen us , he is even excited when he, goes to the vets to have his nails trimmed .I would definitely recommend Blackberry pups they truly love their puppies and they are nurtured and loved ready for their forever homes. Thank you for our gorgeous Arlo, we can’t wait for our many adventures to come.
Sue Cowell- Hampshire
We collected our cavapoo puppy Bront’e ( sister of Bailey) on the 20 th July and our lives have definitely changed for the better!
We had previously owned Border terriers and had lost our Penny in January at the grand old age of 16 1/2 . We didn’t want another Border and found that Blackberry pups had been recommended by many people. We contacted Dawn who had puppies arriving in May, we chose Bront’e at 3 weeks and met her mummy Penny! and her daddy Teddy, it was fantastic having weekly photos of our puppy and we all looked forward to the next update.
We finally brought her home on the 20 th July .
Bront’e is an amazing puppy- she loves absolutely everyone and they love her! She is excellent with small children ( who constantly approach her on walks to stroke and cuddle her) and she always gentle with them. She is a beautiful girl ( and knows it ! ) quick to learn and train and very intelligent She is delightfully playful but also a real cuddle bunny. And she loves our real bunny Bert too and snuggles up wit him. Walks along the beach or in the forest take hours as we have to stop fo Bron’e’ s army of admirers we are constantly asked where we got her from we have no hesitation in recommending Dawn and Steve, Bronte came with everything a pupyneeds and more besides. Our vet was extremely impressed with her - thank you Dawn and Steve for our beautiful girl.
Sharon and Douglas Birch. London
We are first time owners of our beautiful cavapoo boy. Bailey has changed our lives in so many ways , we couldn’t wish for anything more. After months of searching for the right breeder we came across blackberry pups. We got to see Bailey at three weeks old, we also got to meet his Mum and Dad. We had a lot of questions to ask and Dawn answered them all. It was along 5 weeks waiting to bring Bailey home, but Dawn sent us weekly updates and photos so we could see how he was getting,on Saturday the 20 th July is a day we will never forget Bailey was finally coming home, he came vaccinated to date microchipped and came with full breeding history. We were given a puppy welcome pack which included shampoo,wee pads, a toy and a weeks supply of food. Bailey is now 13 weeks old and he is thriving every day , he has brought so much joy into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts thank you blackberry pups xx
Kerry Riches
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful Minnie. We knew when we met her back in May 2017 that she was our girl.
You and Steve were such a support and provided regular updates and photos so we knew exactly what our little Minnie was up too.
I am stopped at least 4 times a day to ask where I got her , and told how beautiful she is and I honestly couldn’t recommend Blackberry pups more!
Minnie turned 1 on 27 th April 2018 and of course she was spoilt rotten as all girls are on their birthday!
She has been the making of our son Thomas who turned 10 recently, they are the best of friends, she has taught Thomas to be caring and compassionate and to have the responsibility for someone other than himself.They often lay together and she sits and waits for him from 2.45 by the window to get home from school. I asked Thomas to describe Minnie in 3 words and he said- loving cute and pretty.
Thank you Blackberry pups and we will be back in touch when Minnie is 2 as we’ve decided to get another Cavapoo which is super exciting!
Louise Moraes
I an first time owner of a gorgeous Maltipoo Ollie and I could not be happier! He is the most affectionate,gentle,intelligent and fun loving little dog and I can’t imag my life without him. I was looking for a Maltipoo for ages but really struggled to find a reputable breeder, then I came across Blackberry pupsand I cannot recommend them enough . It was a pleasure to deal with Dawn and Steve they answered all my questions,even the silly ones!
when I picked Ollie up Dawn had prepared a puppy pack with all the information and paper work I needed, plus food,toys and puppy pads which made my life muchasier in the first few days. Thankyou so much for all you’re help. ​​​​​​​
Gavin and Donna Secker Kings Lynn
Thank you fo Blackberry pups for making our first experience of finding and owning a puppy such a stress free and enjoyable experience. Our Cavapoo puppy Barney has fitted in remarkably well into our home . He is a very friendly and sociable puppy thanks to all the great help , advice and puppy pack including all the relevant documentation we received from Dawn and Steve. Barney has been given a well rounded start and their care and attention is very welcome and much appreciated.
Maria Bristal- Marlow Bucks
Getting you’re first puppy at the age of 50 is daunting! Especially when you don’t have kids . I’m sure I asked way to many questions ,But Steve and Dawn listened to my specific requests and my fears and we got just what we wanted. We got the best dog and love Roxy to bits. Our vet was so pleased with all the information Steve and Dawn gave us after collecting her. Roxy loves everyone- her temperament is perfect and she is so clever too! I am asked numerous times a day where we got her from and if we need another home for her No chance! Thank you Dawn and Steve x
Kerry and Andy Hepting , Ipswich Suffolk
We decided to buy a dog and after doing a lot of research decided to buy a Cavapoo as it suited our family.
We came across Blackberry pups while searching for Cavapoo breeders and put ourselves on their waiting list . We were contacted that their was a puppy availableand then put down a deposit to secure our puppy. We got to see our pup who we named Mack at four weeks old and also got to meet his parents . When he was 8 weeks old we got to bring him home, Mack was vacccinated up to date , microchipped , and came with full breeding history and a welcome pack which included a blanket a brush , shampoo, wee pads and his night time toy.
Steve and Dawn Holland were very helpfull and gave us lots of information and advice and very welcoming . Our daughter fell in love with Mack and he is a big part of our lives. He is fun loving and very affectionate and we wouldn't be without him. Anyone thinking of buying a dog we really recommend Blackberry pups.
Dawn Elliott , Hampstead London
Having been recommended Blackberry pups from a work colleague we decided to add our name to the waiting list for our puppy . We chose our little Reggie on the 20th December 2015 after meeting both mum and dad and since then our lives have never been the same again. He is an absolute joy and we are so glad that we decided to become dog owners . Dawn and Steve were very helpful throughout the whole process of choosing our little puppy and were always on hand to give us any advice about owning our first dog. They sent us uptodate pictures of our little Reggie so we could see how he was growing before we finally brouhght him home on the 24th January 2016 .
Dawn and Steve provided us with a puppy pack and we brought some food that Reggie has been fed on so the whole process of bringing him home was very straight forward. Reggie is now over a year old and has quite a lit ​​​​​​​tle character- he is almost human sometimes ! He is a massive part of our lives .
We are so pleased that we decided to get a dog and very happy wound Dawn and Steve of Blackberry pups . I am always being stopped on my daily walks with Reggie by people asking where we got Reggie from and am pleased to tell people about Blackberry pups . We are thinking about getting Reggie a little sister and will be in touch with Dawn and Steve hopefully later this year to see if there are any new litters due to be born.
Emily and Tre , lincolnshire

we were looking for another dog to join our Lhasa apso and came across the breed Cavapoo . We contacted Blackberry pups .After talking to Dawn and Steve we decided to commit .
We had progress reports and pictures throughout and arranged a visit ,we saw both parents and named our pup Arthur which Dawn and Steve kept calling him until the day he came home to his forever home .
He has been a bundle of fun from day one and loved his puppy classes, thanks to Dawn and Steve he was well used to household noises and cats and nothing phased him.
We could not have wished for better breeders , a better puppy with a clean bill of health. He is a welcome companion to Roxy and a devoted boy to us.
Thankyou Dawn and Steve
Kerry, Lincolnshire
We got Pippin our Cockapoo from Dawn and family ... we were allowe to visit our puppy as much as we wanted and I was able to ask any question, they were brilliant breeders all of the puppies were with their mum and we thought it was excellent that we were able to meet dad too..all vet information and checks were dealt with by Dawn which made the whole process very easy , we just had to choose and collect!
Pippin is aver clever Cockapoo very affectionate and has fitted in well with our family. She is quick to learn so toilet training etc was relatively easy.
Cockapoo's are such well natured, loving and fun breed. Great for families with children too. I've even had friends and dog sitters ask about her blood line as Pippin is such a good little girl , we recommend Dawn.
Dawn Burns
"We" already had a black and white Cavapoo who was two years old, we wanted another Cavapoo as a companion. We contacted Dawn and joined the waiting list. We visited the litter when they were 4-5 weeks old, we met both mum and dad and they were both lovely . Dawn and family are very knowledgeable and caring about their dogs and litters. Ruby came home and settled very quickly . Crate training and toilet training was picked up very quickly. Ruby has a lovely nature and is a great addition to the family. She is very loyal and a great companion. Our other dog Chloe would be lost without her.
Shelley Ade and Sian Summerfield-Leicester
After a 20 year wait my husband finally said that we could have a dog!!! Having noticed that he was starting to give in I had already been looking at cockerpoo's on the internet.Several work colleagues had them and having heard nothing but wonderful comments about the breed we decided this would be perfect dog for our family.
I had my eye on a litter at Blackberry Pups-GoldenF1 cockerpoo's and we had decided we wanted a girl. So as soon as I phoned Dawn and Steve and arranged to go and see the two little girls they had left who were about six weeks old. When we arrived at the barn we were greeted by an adorable little face who made friends with us the minute we met, I think it's fair to say that she chose us and spent most of the visit on my knee, climbing in my hand bag and jumping up for a fuss .While we were there she used a puppy pad to go to the toilet so training was already under way. The puppies were playful and confident and popped in and out of the cats bed. The cat clearly was their friend and this was important to us as we had regular visitor next doors cat and we wanted our dog to be friends with the cat.
Dawn and Steve answered lots of questions we had about the puppies they were so easy to talk to and were in no rush for us to leave. We met the puppies parents talked about the dog breeding business and I left feeling extremely confident that we had found our beautiful puppy, We had taken lots of photos of the puppies to show our daughter as she couldn't come to see the puppies . Dawn very kindly sent lots more images to me that night as my shots were very clear.
The next day we phoned Dawn and Steve and reserved our puppy and they were not surprised that we had chosen "The one with the green collar" as they too had noticed that she had chosen us!!
We collected Connie two weeks later and after a long journey home to Leicester Connie settled into her new home immediately .We were expecting a sleepless night but she slept all night with the comfort of the blanket with her siblings scent on. Connie has never cried at night she has been clean through the night since 4 months of age. She was extremely responsive to learn sit and lie down and her training is coming well. She is the most loyal and loving puppy. She is great with children and other dogs. She would come everywhere with us if she could ,she is extremely socialble and just loves to be with people.
Dawn and Steve continued to help with some queries I had once we had got Connie and people have stopped and asked me about my beautiful puppy I have recommended Blackberry pups to everyone. If I was ever to get another one I would go straight to them .Thank you Dawn and Steve she is really perfect in every way,

Tina and Andrew Watts, Colchester
When getting our first dog we carried out of research as to which breed of dog would suit us a family with two young children, we settled for a Cavapoo. From the moment I contacted Blackberry pups to enquire about a litter for sale Steve and Dawn were extremely helpful, and it with it being our first dog we had a long list of questions which they did not hesitate to answer for us . We went to see the litter the next day (3 weeks old- extremely small and cute) and fell in love with the darker pup from the litter who we had already called Bertie. They were kind enough to let us visit again when Bertie was 5 weeks old too as were in the area, this was fantastic as he was now starting to get a bit more personality and walking around. It was the 3 long weeks until we picked up Bertie!!! From the moment he came home he fitted right in with the family ,we had a couple of cries in the night (like a new born baby!!) but he soon settled down and has slept through the night ever since. He was toilet trained within a few weeks properly and before that went to the toilet on puppy pads in the house with only a handful of accidents !!! He is a calm , loving, obedient and fast learning boy and was clearly very happy and well looked after before we collected him . Dawn and Steve supplied all the paperwork including vaccination certificate and parents documentation before we left with Bertie along with a lovely puppy pack. I have since needed advice which Steve and Dawn were happy to help with .
I would definitely recommend Blackberry Pus and have done so if anyone is considering getting a puppy .we will certainly go back if we decide to get another one!!! Thank you for our fabulous little Bertie.
Amy Jeans
We researched our chosen breed of dog and decided that a Cavapoo most certainly was a must for our requirements . My son suffers from allergies and being non shedding and so called hypoallergenic breed we were on a hunt for our perfect pup.
It was becoming to become a struggle as we visited many breeders and we almost gave up as weren't sold on a lot of the establishments we came across. It became an absolute minefield!
Then we found Steve and Dawn, who were so helpful and we were extremely impressed with their set up.
We were pleased to meet mum and dad and to be presented with a gorgeous litter of puppies,
My son was smitten and therefore we had to have the yellow" collar" little girl she was beautiful and we adored her.
Because of my son's sensitivity we asked to visit the pup on two more occasions before she came home with us ,so my son could snuggle with her and check that it was going to be a harmonious decision.
Steve and Dawn were very understanding and accommodating with our requests . They also kept in touch with us with photographs as she grew so we could realy enjoy the countdown to bringing her home.
Winnie has been an absolute pleasure since the day she joined us . She is an absolute sweetheart through and through . Such a loving temperament with the added bonus of a playful side. which from meeting dad comes from the poodle aspect. We would never be without her and she comes everywhere with us ! Everybody falls in love with Winnie and she adores the love from all angles!
The best decision we ever made was bringing Winnie into our lives and we are so grateful we found Dawn and Steve.
I regularly keep in touch with Dawn via email and send photographs as we are so proud of our newest family member. I never take for granted the struggle we found prior to finding Steve and Dawn and therefore appreciate Winnie more.
I have personally recommended them to friends and family as Winnie has sold herself completely to anybody that has mentioned that they would love a pup.
Holly and Greg. Liverpool
We got our Maltipoo puppy Bonzo from Dawn and Steve in May 2015 and we are so glad that we did that we are currently waiting for a new addition from their next litter.
Although both my partner and I had grown up with dogs ,we had never had a Maltipoo before. Both Dawn and Steve were very knowledgeable and gave us lots of advice to ensure Bonzo has the very best of starts and is fit and healthy. Since arriving home they have always been just a phone call or text away to offer us advice. The puppy starter pack we were given for when we brought him home also help settle our gorgeous bundle easily. Items such as the scent blanket and the heated toy really made sure our puppy was not distressed when leaving his litter.
It was clear that our puppy was given the very best start in life and being reared in a home environment made him incredibly easy to train. He is very social and great with children, people and other dogs Which is just as well because we can not take him anywhere without being stopped by passers by who want to stroke him and comment how cute he is.
We cant thank Dawn and Steve enough, and cant wait for our new arrival in a few months time.
Lis Spiro Kings Lynn
Here is Lottie my adorable cavapoo who has just become 1 year old . Nine months ago I met Dawn and Steve , Lottie Breeder . I chose Lottie from a litter of four and had to wait quite a few weeks before I could bring her home. During that time Dawn and Steve emailed me photos and messages telling me how Lottie was growing . The day I collected my tiny bundle finally came round and it was wonderful to take her home.
Dawn and Steve had introduced the pups to cats. kittens and children and given them a great start in life. Throughout the year I have kept in touch with them -sending them messages and photos showing Lottie"s progress . If I wanted another pup in the future , I wouldn't hesitate In returning to Dawn and Steve at Blackberry pups.
Danny and Anita Lee
We had been looking for a family pet and didn't know what breed to choose?
We stumbled quite by accident on a cavapoo on a sunday stroll ,we didn't ask the owners where they had bought the dog
After hours researching the internet and many visits to view puppy's I came across Steve and Dawn at Blackberry pups, they were great from day one.
We took all the whole family along to select our puppy and this wasn't a problem.
The facilities and grounds the dogs have to play and develop in was very impressive,
Dawn sent pictures of "Paddy" right up to the weekend we collected him, which was great as my 8 year old daughter was counting down the days until he came home.
Even after "Paddy" came home Steve offered advise and support even to our silly novice questions.
Paddy is very much part of the family now, a big thankyou to Steve and Dawn
The" Crawley" Family Sutton Coldfield

We'd been searching for a dog to join our family (two parents, two children, two cats)for over two years when we came across Blackberry Pups on pets 4 homes.
We were looking for a particular type of dog: It had to be smallish ,a breed known for being playful and good with children. Both of our children had been scared of dogs when they were younger, to the extent that our son would even cross the road to avoid walking past a dog. In recent years however, and them getting to know dogs from their school friends , they began to ask "can we have a dog?"
So the search began. Our Manchester City footie mad son even nicknamed his future pup, Sergio, after Sergio Aguero. Despite researching different breeds from Labradoodles (too big) to cavachons (didn't look like Sergio) we couldn't seem to find "our" dog.
Our Son had a particular image in his head : Sergio had to be blond , shaggy, small enough he could sleep with on his bed, smart , be a good friend, and had to like playing with a football
A friend said Sergio sounded like a Cockapoo.... and I began to research the breed.
One day while on pets 4 homes I came across puppies at Blackberry Pups. Was one Sergio? It certainly felt like it. Without telling the children, I emailed the breeders, Dawn and Steve for more information. They replied immediately ,answering all my questions and sending additional photos of the boys in the litter. I picked one with a little white spot on his head, and put down a deposit. Then we told the children we'd found Sergio.
From the beginning we found Dawn and Steve to be very friendly and helpful. They sent us photos of the parents, answered any questions I had, and invited us to Norfolk to visit our new puppy.
Exactly one year ago (Autunm half term 2014) we met 4 week old Sergio for the first time. He was sleeping in wicker basket. and he as absolutely adorable. We also met his parents.
Four weeks later we returned to Norfolk to pick up Sergio. We travelled in convey, as my parents had in the meantime decided to buy his brother .It was lovely knowing the two puppies would grow up together. Once again Dawn and Steve welcomed us into their home, went through the paperwork and vaccination information with us, and helped us get the puppies ready for the long journey back.
Although he settled right away, the name Sergio didn't seem to suit him and we eventually settled on "Max", his brother was called "Max"
I can honestly say that Max has exceeded our hopes for a dog. He's wonderful little boy with great character: playful, smart, cuddly ,protective yet socialble and loyal. He has daily walks at the local park, and has made lots of doggie friends -most notably Cassie (cockapoo), Ben ( cocker spaniel) and Stanley (labradoodle) .He also attends weekly dog training. I'm fortunate to be able to take Max to work with me every day, and he's a wonderful companion and friend as we drive back and forth with his head on my lap or looking out of the window. He loves being outdoors . He loves his cuddles . He loves football (and attends our son.s junior league matches) and he loves his teddies. He's always smiling ,always ready to greet you with a wag of his tail. Max is more than just a dog.
I can't recommend Blackberry Pups highly enough .The puppies are brought into the world very healthy, and handed across to the new owners with a lot of love and care.
Heloise and John Coley Walsall
When I first saw Sandy our cockapoo on the internet not even 8 weeks old, his little eyes got to me and I fell in love with him instantly.
nothing and no one would get in my way, I just had to have him.
Sandy is very loving caring and energetic dog. He has a very loving nature, very friendly and his tail never stands still. He runs around always with something in his mouth.
He loves to play tug of war, and this is where my husband comes in, my husband has finally found a purpose other than work. He loves Sandy and Sandy loves and follows him everywhere, John buys toys every week without fail for Sandy who I am afraid destroys most of his toys within days. Every Saturday without fail Sandy runs up to us and looks into our bags to get his toys.
Sandy is very intelligent, knows everything you say to him, and has a very good memory of knowing where his favourite blanket is kept in the lounge. As soon as we call him into the front room he runs and gets his blanket, spreads this on the settee and sits on top.
To us Sandy is not a dog , he is an important being in our household and part of the family. We are so happy and contented that Sandy is ours,he has brought such a lot of happiness and laughter into our home.
Thankyou very much for allowing us the privilege of owning such a wonderful being.
Lynn and Philip
Having never owned a dog before once the decision was made and the breed decided upon we searched the internet for Cockapoo/Cavapoo breeders .We found the Blackberry pups website and previous testimonials which drew us to them. I phoned and spoke to Dawn who talked me through both breeds and the one she felt would be best suited to our life style. We settled on a Cockapoo and she was happy for us to arrange to meet her and Steve without any obligation to buy as we had a holiday booked and were not in a position to take a pup home.
We made the journey to Downham Market and to be honest on first impressions we did not arrive at the idyllic barn we had envisaged, instead you arrive at a busy homestead full of dogs. cats chickens and children living in a yet to be complete barn. However once inside and you meet Dawn and Steve you will see that their priority is for their pups health and wellbeing . We went armed with so many questions which they were very patient and honest in answering to our satisfaction. There was no pressure brought to purchase a pup on that day, having met both mum and dad of the pups we left to think about a future purchase of one of their handsome pups. However before we made it home we decided to take the plunge and agreed over the phone to have a male pup who we named Buzz.
As we were not in a position to take Buzz home until after our holiday Dawn and her daughter cared and fussed him so that he didn't feel alone once his brothers and sisters had left the litter.
We did visit Buzz again before our holiday and Dawn sent us photographs of him via email with updates of his progress.
When the day came to bring home all his jabs were up to date, he had wormed ,flead , micro chipped and we were given all his parentage documentation along with a puppy starter pack. Buzz had also been fully socialised by this time being surrounded by all the other pups/dogs/cats and he doesn't trouble them all, only if he can get to their food before they do! Within two weeks of bringing him home Buzz was also fully toilet trained.
Buzz is now eighteen months old and is such a loving happy dog who everyone wants to greet/stroke and he is more than happy to oblige. We put much of his loving nature and disposition down to the love and care lavished on him in his first few weeks by Dawn and her daughter. He is also intelligent , understanding commands, especially if there is a treat involved!
In the present climate where there is bad press surrounding puppy farms it is lovely to have found a genuine breeder for who's dogs/puppies health and welfare is paramount. They are also licensed breeders and if you are still in any doubt this is easy to check out in the Local Authority web site,
If we were in a position in the future to have another puppy we would have no hesitation in going back to Blackberry Pups and we would tell anyone we meet who fall In love with Buzz just exactly where he came from.
Do what we did and take the plunge, you wont regret it!
Gill Blake, Wroxham Norfolk
After loosing our beloved collie cross Megan, it was not long before we missed having the love and affection of a dog. luckily I found Blackberry pups, I rang them and sure enough they were expecting a litter of cavapoos to be born in a few weeks time, I placed my deposit and on the 30th March 2014 seven little Cavapoo pups, all boys. We went to see them and met Steve and Dawn, a fantastic couple, right from the off I could tell that this was their life. We met all the pups and also the mum and dad ,two gorgeous little dogs, we picked out our pup which was very difficult because they were all alike, we named him Ollie, and what a joy he is, the perfect dog for us ,so affectionate ,playful, obedient so easy to train .
We couldn't have asked for a better experience than choosing Blackberry Pups , Steve and Dawn kept us informed of progress before they were born and right up to the morning when Steve rang and said they've arrived.
We picked Ollie up , everything was in order ,paperwork etc, and there sat Ollie on Dawns lap all ready for us and a blue bow around his neck, and a lovely puppy pack.
Thank you Dawn and Steve
Deborah and Andrew Great Yarmouth
After a lot of thought and research we decided as a family that a cavapoo puppy was for us. I found Dawn and Steve and they had a litter for us to view. we found them to be a friendly family and devoted to their animals. We met our puppy at three weeks and fell in love!
in the time waiting to bring her home Steve and Dawn sent updates which was really nice .We picked her up at 8 weeks and we knew their support was always going to be there if needed. We named our puppy Lola and she has been amazing, we had no unsettled nights, she has been easy to train and loves load of fuss. I believe that the care she received before coming to us made her a settled puppy and cant thank Dawn and Steve enough. We would recommend them highly to others.
Haley Harding
When our family decided to get a dog a lot of research was carried out. It soon became clear that cockapoo or Cavapoo was what we was looking for.
we found Dawn and Steve online and from the moment that we spoke we knew that they were passionate and experienced in what they do .
During the time we viewed our chosen Cavapoo pup at 4 weeks and picking her up at 8 weeks Dawn and Steve stayed in touch and if we had any questions they were always ready to help .
we have called her Ava and she is the most adorable loving and friendly little dog , she is now 4 months and is a joy to have around she is ( touch wood) fully house trained and apart from the first couple of nights she has been very settled .
Our belief is that this comes from being bred and reared by Dawn and Steve and their children in a family environment that involves other animals and lots of activity every day life which results in in a confident happy little puppy . We would like to thank Dawn and Steve for all their hard work and help questions answered and advice given and for our gorgeous little Ava.
Paula, Swineshead Lincs
This is Tattinger (Tatty) my gorgeous Cavapoo, she is now a year and five months old and is a delight,she is a very happy ,intelligent and socialable little dog who enjoys meeting other people and animals.
When I decided that a Cavapoo puppy was what I wanted I started to do some research and found Dawn and Steve had a litter that was for sale. After a telephone conversation the next day my children and I went to look at the litter, I was impressed that the puppies were playing happily around their mum and being handled by one of Dawn and Steve's children they were all bright and bushy tailed and it wasn't a very difficult decision to say I wanted to give one of them a home.Tatty has such a wonderfully bold and inquisitive nature, some of which I put down to her early experience within Dawn and Steve's care. She was certainly used to seeing children and other animals and as such was not fazed by the normal noises and comings and goings of a household. I would not hesitate to recommend Blackberry pups to anyone wanting one of these adorable little dogs.
Vicky Day. Suffolk
Bertie is almost 10 months old and is our Cockapoo and we are delighted with him. He is a really happy ,healthy little chap. Nothing phases him , car travel, thunder, children other dogs, traffic and machinery,crowds and horses-he takes them all in his stride. He is quick to learnand enjoys his training classes. He is a proper dog he likes a cuddle but is much happier digging holes,chasing rabbits and splashing about in our pond getting dirty.
We recently had him trimmed and he looks very smart. The groomer said he was very easy to work with even though it was his first time, he doesn't mind having his ears and teeth cleaned. He is not a greedy dog ,or a fussy eater and views vegetable and fruit as treats! H e still hasn't mastered keeping four feet on the ground when greeting people but we are working on it! The breed was new to us, we have always had Labradors and terriers before so we had a bit of learning to do too! We love him to bits and can only recommend Dawn and Steve as breeders of a healthy well adjusted dog.
Haley from Baldock Hertfordshire
We are over the moon with Dudley our Poochon he is the friendliest and the most lovable little chap.
he I has fitted in with the family and loves to chew the tails of our other two dogs Ted and Tilly but they just take it in their stride . He loves follows me everywhere and is so comical , we just love him too bits!
Lorraine Kings Lynn
This is Patrick, our beautiful cockapoo, we first fell in love with him when he was 5 weeks old and there began the longest 3 weeks ever until we could pick him up!
He settled into his new home straight away, not crying overnight and using the puppy pads as soon as we put him on the floor. He is amazing with the cats, never chases them not that they would give him a chance to be friends! He is so clever and quick to learn things like [sit and paw within the first couple of weeks}and it feels like he has always been part of the family.
we are intending to get him a playmate in the next year or so and will definitely be looking to buy from Dawn and Steve again!
Below is a picture of Maggie our beautiful cavapoo who we purchased from Blackberry Pups November 2014
Craig and Tina Spixworth Norwich. 
I would just like to say a few words about Dawn and Steve,firstly when we were looking to buy a new puppy i was a little worried about what to expect being a first for my wife and i,but they were the best people we could have come across,when you meet them you will see why.

The love and passion they put across for their puppies is second to none,the love and care they give to each puppy is fantastic. We were looking for a little boy Cockapoo and found our soul mate straight away with help and care from Dawn and Steve. They asked a lot of questions about us as we did of them, their help was brilliant,our little "Ted" was looked after every day until we were able to bring him home. Every week Dawn sent us an update on Ted with pictures which was a real treat. I highly recommend these lovely people for anyone looking to buy a real beautiful puppy.

Thank you Dawn and Steve.
Gemma and Darryl Hertfordshire
This is my handsome cockapoo Hugo, he is now 11 months old and still full of character from the moment we chose him he has the most lovable personality and is so adorable, he is so full of confidence and that's thanks to Dawn and Steve for his first 8 weeks where he was brought up in a socialable environment. I would recommend Dawn and Steve and wouldn't consider buying a pup from any where else. Hugo has brought us so much happiness Thankyou x
Helen  and Mark, London
We purchased our cavapoo from Dawn and Steve in january 2013 (who is now 16 months old) is truly the love of our lives! From the moment she was born Dawn sent us regular pictures of her and her siblings developing and it was clear that from day one she was well cared for and adjusted, spending her formative weeks on the farm with Dawn and Steves family, getting used to being handled and played with.

I met her lovely mother and her paternal uncle when we collected her,she is the most sweet natured dog i have ever come across.The nature of my work is such that i meet people of all ages from dawn till dusk and Tilly is always with me,she never tires of being cuddled or petted and indeed has "cured" several people who befor now were quite terrified of dogs. As a breed she is just perfect a proper dog as i call them.not a miniature but small enough to scoop up when i jump on a escalator. She give so much and only asks for a bit of exercise - not a lot if you can fit it in on a particular day (although she adores to run until she drops if she can!) and lots of cuddles. We will certainly add to our brood at sometime and will definitely look no further than Dawn and Steve - in fact my cousin and his wife have just purchased her little sister from her mums next litter! So enamored they were of her.